Traditional Braces at Hartland Orthodontics

Traditional braces have stood the test of time and are still the most common type of braces used today. At Hartland Orthodontics, we are the premier orthodontic practice in Hartland, MI treating both adults and children with traditional braces that are smaller and more comfortable than ever before. Our braces are made of high-grade metal alloys that significantly improve efficiency and comfort compared to older-generation braces.
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A Proven Teeth-Straightening Solution

Traditional braces are a classic solution and still a highly effective choice for straightening teeth. Our skilled professionals at Hartland Orthodontics pair this proven method with modern comfort, customization, and attentive care. With each visit, you’ll have the option to add colored elastic bands and choose a customized pattern for a more unique and colorful smile.

Discover the transformative power of traditional braces and let us help you create the radiant smile you’ve always desired. Your beautiful new smile awaits at Hartland Orthodontics. Schedule an appointment today.

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